Parish Vocation Plan

The purpose of having a diocesan plan to promote vocations is to coordinate our efforts to bear great fruit. The proposed initiatives are offered as priorities – not limits! – to your own efforts.


The first thing that the Lord asks us to do when seeking more shepherds is to ask the master of the harvest (Mt. 9:38). Only God can move the hearts of men and women to consider the priesthood and religious life – no homily, invitation, or other initiative will bear fruit without His grace. Point One of the Vocation plan for Parishes includes personal prayers and parish Holy Hours for vocations.

Diocese of Austin, TX


  • This initiative includes individuals pledging to pray for vocations HERE. Parishes can encourage groups and ministries to do so at opportune times throughout the year.
  • This initiative also includes Vocation Ministries (and any other group) praying a rosary for vocations at their monthly meeting.


  • The Vocations Office has provided an example of a Holy Hour for Vocations in English and Spanish.
  • The Holy Hour can be a special occasion each month or take place in the time that the parish already offers adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It is also possible to make this Holy Hour before the Tabernacle if Exposition is not available.
Diocese of Austin, TX


Helping parishioners answer the universal call to holiness includes forming them to discern the particular way God has planned for them to be holy. Point Two of the Vocation Plan for Parishes is teaching our youth about vocations in their religious education classes and implementing a Traveling Chalice program. 



    • This initiative includes dedicating religious education classes and youth ministry nights during Diocesan Vocations Awareness Week to teach on vocations.
    • To aid in this initiative, the Vocations Office has provided each parish with a subscription to the excellent vocations curriculum from Vianney Vocations. Please email Amy Gonzalez at for login information.


    • The Traveling Vocation Program encourages families to pray for vocations and helps the children learn how to discern God’s will by readings the lives of the Saints. Parishes can organize to have a different family taking the chalice/crucifix and prayer booklet home each week throughout the year.
    • PDF of the prayer booklet in English and Spanish here.



    By sincerely inviting the youth to consider if God is calling them to the priesthood or consecrated life, we lend our voice to Christ who makes it the means by which He calls men to the alter and women to consecrated life. Point Three of the Vocation Plan for Parishes is participating in Called By Name Sunday and starting or maintaining a vocation ministry at your parish. 

    Diocese of Austin, TX


    • Diocesan Vocation Awareness Week includes three components: 1) Holy Hour for Vocations; 2) Called By Name Sunday; 3) Vocation Lessons
    • As part of the Vocation Plan for Parishes, this includes parishioners submitting the names of candidates they believe may be called to the priesthood or consecrated life in the Called By Name Sunday initiative.
    • It also includes parish staff members and volunteers who work with the youth meeting with the parish Vocation Ministry to brainstorm candidates and gather their contact information to be submitted.


    • When the diocese started a Vocations Ministry campaign, we experienced a 300% increase in names submitted in our Called By Name Sunday initiative and a 300% increase in the number of people who attended Project Andrew.
    • This initiative includes starting a Vocations Ministry in the parish and maintaining the ministry through monthly meetings and attending the annual workshop.